The Grand Deceit (single)

by Otivm

(free) 04:29


released October 2, 2011

Recorded at Golden Room by Giacomo Barboni in May/June 2011
Mastered at Fascination Street Studios by Jens Bogren in June 2011
Music and Lyrics by Riccardo Morandini
Otivm are Giovanni Faidutti, Andrea Floreani, Riccardo Morandini, Leonardo Rizzi, Emanuele Sutto



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Otivm Udine, Italy

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Track Name: The Grand Deceit
Emptiness is the home of Truth
For She dwells beyond the being
And thought cannot grab her
For "to be" is the root of thought
When words become a serpent
Which bites its tail
When words try to de-fine
That which has no boundaries
You know you are in the presence of
The Queen of the Mind
The Fracture between good and evil
The Aim of human life
The Coincidence of form and matter
The Ultimate Lie
Silence is the home of Truth
For She defies the realms of words
And Silence belongs
To flesh and bones
When thoughts become androgynous
And opposites coincide
When thoughts fall into silence
Whose abyss gapes wide
You know you are in the presence of
The Heaviest Chain
No Truth, no Good, no I
The language's lies
The only reality
An orb of blood and instinct
The messengers of void have come
To deliver us from Her
And turn the world into a dancing star
If silence and emptiness is where the Truth dwells
The aim of every speech is its own end